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What is Pressure Treated Timber?

All of our 'Treated Timber' goes through a pressurized treatment process, which forces chemicals to permeate into the wood. This produces timber that's more resistant to rot, fungus, mould, and insects. It also enables the timber to stand up against hardier weather conditions.

How Long Does Treated Timber Last?

This is actually a difficult one to answer, as a lot will depend on environmental conditions. E.g. The treatment in a shed that’s on top of a windy hill in a very cold climate might not last as long as one in the sheltered corner of a garden. But circumstances aside, treated timber should mean that the wood is rot proof for a good number of years. 

How Do I Maintain Treated Timber?

You don't have to re-treat our timber, but it is recommended for a couple of reasons. Firstly, your timber will last longer if you choose to do some maintenance. Secondly, pressure-treated wood tends to change colour over time. If you wish to avoid your wood turning grey as it ages, then treating it will help. For the first year of ownership, you shouldn’t need to do anything. After that, an annual coat of treatment will keep your timber looking good and mean that you get much more wear out of it.


Can I Paint Treated Timber?

Yes. Painting our timber not only makes your garden look great but also gives the timber an added layer of protection. However, you need to be careful about when you paint your timber! You cannot paint freshly treated timber, as the treatment will not have had enough time to oxidise. Don't forget there will still be moisture, pitch and resin inside the wood which needs time to dry out. Treated timber can quickly warp and bend if it is not handled correctly.  

So How Soon Can Paint My Treated Timber?

Unless you're using kiln-dried pressure treated wood, putting a coat of paint on straight away will not give the timber enough time to dry out following the chemical pressure treatment. We would recommend waiting three-four months for the treated wood to completely cure before painting it. 

Published 11th May 2020


Pressure Treated Timber

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